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Five Alive. #2

This week a Beastie Boys theme. What's surprising about this is that nothing off Pauls Boutique has made the cut, despite it being my fave Beasties creation. Brass Monkey is the sound of Licensed to Ill. It's unbeatable, so it's track 1. Sabotage, is number 2 and impossible not to have in a Beasties playlist. At 3 is Get It Together, which was my gateway into a whole world of hip-hop at age 14. Unite makes track 4 because it's
- Five Alive. #2

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Ballbag Bingo

I recently migrated a load of notes away from Apple Notes over to Notion. Notes is tremendous but if you haven't tried Notion you should.My motivation for the move was getting down to a single app which supported Kanban as well as rich notes with attachments. Notion for me delivers on that  combination of Trello and Apple Notes but it's also platform independent and doesn't look like it will disappear of the internet tomorrow taking all my data with
- Ballbag Bingo

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Five Alive. #1

A new series highlighting five tunes for your ears for right now.This weeks choices inspired by the unmistakable appearance of Autumn in the UK. Autumn is great for weekend walks and for camping, but makes commuting to work by bike, train and bus, suck.Enjoy; The Milk, a proper soul band I only discovered this week. They're the bollocks. Captain Beefheart. Lady Wray is another new artist to me with a proper voice and a great band holy shit.
- Five Alive. #1

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Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing

This is a delicious little show which does much more than it says on the tin. It's how Telly should be. Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse do indeed go fishing, but their honesty, frankness and genuine affection for each other really make it something special. Both comedians suffer from heart conditions and the show is the result of Paul dragging Bob out fishing in real life, following his triple heart bypass. They're good mates off screen, at a similar stage,
- Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing

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The New Van

I had a campervan that you might remember that I was super proud of. It was one of the vehicles that I kept hold of for more than five minutes. I had it - wait - over three years. Oh my! It was a T4 from '03 (the last year they made this model). It had a 5 cylinder 2.5l TDI (the good one) and it looked the mutts nuts. Unfortunately it only had two seats and I need
- The New Van

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