The New Van

I had a campervan that you might remember that I was super proud of. It was one of the vehicles that I kept hold of for more than five minutes. I had it - wait - over three years. Oh my!

VW T4 2003 in Scarab Green

It was a T4 from '03 (the last year they made this model). It had a 5 cylinder 2.5l TDI (the good one) and it looked the mutts nuts.

Unfortunately it only had two seats and I need at least 4. In my infinte wisdom, I bought a new Golf GTi to meet this requirement rather than trying to re-structure my van. I still stand by this decision.

MK7 VW Golf GTI interior

Once the Golf arrived on the scene, the van did almost nothing. Even when I had the choice of van or car, the van generally lost because the Golf GTI is literally everything you ever need.

The times that I did choose to jump back in the big green machine, the neglect would show itself big time. Rusty discs, flat batteries, under-inflated tyres. Everything creaked.

I felt so guilty. Leaving it stationary also began to cost me in repairs. It had to go, so I sold it to a nice man from Plymouth and banked the money.

About three weeks passed and I couldn't stop thinking about campervans. Could I find a way that 'my' weekend camping machine could work for the whole family?

One Friday afternoon looking on the classifieds I spotted a year old Transporter panel van for sale in Wales that I just about couldn't afford. I was pretty sure though that it could be the solution, a highline model that might be a good base for the ultimate fletchmobile.

I drove down to see it the next day and obviously I drove back home in it.

White VW T5.1 Transporter Panel Van in the Dark

Initially this did not look like an upgrade. Particularly because it too didn't have enough seats so in many ways I was back to square one. The pressure was on to convert it!

This took eight weeks and I did most of the work. I couldn't be happier. We've been on dozens of trips away, it's super comfortable to live in and is a top class family machine for daily suties too.

VW T5.1 Roof Up Camping in Derbyshire

VW T5.1 Campervan Conversion Interior

I don't know why anyone buys anything else. This van makes way way more sense than any car on the road. If you need one vehicle for your life, this is it.

I've had loads of questions about the van and I learned loads of stuff in those eight weeks so I'm going to start a new section on here document the build retrospectively for others. Watch this space. 🚐❤️